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Adniolo Anja

D.O.B.  11 June 2010

Sire:  Grand Champion Nordlys Nichola

Dam: Norskfae Sky

Beautiful Anja was one of my first litter of kittens from my lovely blue tabby and white girl Sky who has since been spayed but who gave me lovely kittens and was a brilliant Mum.  The sire was a stud boy, Grand Champion Nordlys  Nichola, ‘Nifty’ owned my friend Kate Healing who kindly allowed me to use him for my first litter.  Anya with her black and white is a spitting image of her dad.  She is a very friendly loving girl who made very good mum when her time came although at the start she was very protective.  As Anja was part of my first litter and I didn’t know if I would like breeding I took an administrative prefix for the litter.  Well I certainly enjoyed the experience, it was very rewarding watching the kittens grow and develop so I then applied for my own prefix so any offspring of Anja would have my prefix.

Champion Skogvenns Chloe

D.O.B. 08 May 2011

Sire:  Noynarock Usi AtJhardufae

Dam: Adniolo Anja

Chloe is a lovely girl who has done well so far on the show circuit, she has reached champion and has one grand certificate before she was mated.  She was best in show semilonghaired adult at the North of Britain Long Hair & Semi LH Cat Club
Black, Red Self & Tortoiseshell Cat Club, Tortie & White & Bicolour Cat Club show at the end of 2012, which made me very proud of her.  Her mum was Anja and her dad was Noynarock Usiat Jhardufae, ‘Gus’ a handsome black smoke, another of Kate Healing’s stud boys whom she kindly let me use. Chloe was quite a quiet girl but during her first pregnancy and subsequent parenthood in 2013 she really blossomed and is a really loving girl who loves to ‘talk’ to you.

Noynarock Sol-veig

D.O.B. 07 November 2011

Sire:  Daffy Duck Felis Audax

Dam: Noynarock Inkeri

Sol-veig is a beautiful tortie tabby and white girl who was from Linda Grant.  I had waited for about 18 months for a tortie girl but when I saw Sol-veig I knew she was the one for me.  She is an absolute sweetie, with a lovely temperament and is very much a ‘mummy’s girl’. She has taken to motherhood very well with her first litter of large healthy kittens being born in 2013.

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