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Chloe’s Kittens

Sire: Noynarock Joshua-Skogvenns

Dam: Champion Skogvenns Chloe

D.O.B. 15 May 2013

Chloe gave birth to 3 lovely kittens on the evening of 15th May.  The kittens consisted of a cute blue tabby & white female and two handsome males, a solid blue and a brown tabby & white.  All are doing very well and as they are developing the solid blue stands out as he is very forward and adventurous but they are all gorgeous little characters.  Mum has made a brilliant job of looking after them and raising them..

Sloveig’s Kittens

Sire: Noynarock Sevvie

Dam: Noynarock Sol-veig

D.O.B. 12 June 2013

Sol-veig gave birth to 4 large gorgeous kittens in the 12th June.  The kittens consisted of 2 striking silver tabby & white males, a silver tabby & white girl and a tortie and white girls.  They are still a bit young for their personalities to have developed but they are all really lovely and mum is doing a good job of looking after them.

Anja’s Kittens

Sire: Noynarock Joshua-Skogvenns

Dam: Adniolo Anja

D.O.B. July 2013

Anja’s kittens are due 3rd July and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival.

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