Norwegian Forest Cats

The cats & their environment

The cats have the run of the house plus have full access to outside pens.  To access the pens the cats go out a cat flap through a tunnel to pen no.1, they can then go into pen no.2 via skywalks, through another tunnel into another pen attached to the side of the house and through a door into the lounge.  There is also another tunnel that connects the two tunnels that go to and from the house.  

The small pen on the side of the house can be shut off so when I have kittens they can go out into it and get fresh air and see the outside world from a safe place.  This set up allows the cats to come and go as they please, even staying out all night in summer if they wish but they remain safe and the wildlife also stays safe (most of the time anyway).  The pen network is being extended to include an additional pen/shelter accessible via a sky walk as pen no 1 has been split to provide a separate pen with shelter for the boys when required.

The final addition to the pen system will be a tree house again accessible from the main system via skywalks.

Images © Skogvenns Norwegian Forest Cats   

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