Norwegian Forest Cats

We are Debbie and Phil Emery and our family of Norwegian Forest Cats and rescue cats live in the South Lakes close to Lake Windermere, which is a lovely part of the country despite the weather! We acquired our first Norwegians, Freya and Thor in 2002 following the loss of our 14 year old cat due to illness. Sadly we lost Freya due to cancer in 2008 but Thor is going strong, the two of them gave us our love of Norwegians and our family of Norwegians has grown with latest arrivals of Noynarock Jasper Skogvenns, his brother Noynarock Joshua Skogsvenns (Joss) and Noynarock Taeanna.

My prefix is Skogvenns, which means ‘forest friends’ in Norwegian and sums up our feelings about our cats.

With the help and support of my friend and mentor Kate Healing from whom we bought Freya and Thor from, I started breeding in 2009 from my lovely girl Sky who had a litter of six gorgeous kittens.  Since then I have had another litter from Sky and one from her daughter Anja.  I kept one of Anja kittens, Chloe, with the intention of breeding from her.

With the help and support of our friend Linda Grant we started showing our cats with some success with Skogvenns Mountain Ash becoming an Imperial Grand Premier and her sister Skogvenns Silver Birch becoming a Grand Premier and moving up to the imperial class.  We also have Grand Premier Skogvenns Sadie who is one of Anja’s daughters.

I now have three lovely breeding queens, Adnioilo Anja, Champion Skogvenns Chloe and from our friend Linda Grant Noynarock Sol-veig.  

Linda was also kind enough to allow us to have two handsome stud boys for our own use Noynarock Jasper Skogvenns and his brother Noynarock Joshua-Skogsvenns (Joss).

Our kittens are born and raised inside the house as part of our extended family.

We have had rescue cats that have joined our family over the years but unfortunately due to illness and old age we have only one remaining, Loki, who is very much a part of the family.  

Images © Skogvenns Norwegian Forest Cats   

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